Medications Are Not the Enemy: High Blood Sugars Are

High blood sugars need to be regulated to prevent irreversible damage to your body. When blood sugars are not under control over years they cause diabetic complications to your eyes, kidneys, blood vessels, nervous system and limbs.

high blood glucose levels over a long time cause diabetic complications that decrease the quality of your life!

Managing blood sugars can be done in one of two ways, through lifestyle changes or diabetic medications.

Lifestyle changes including changes in eating habits, sleeping habits, exercise routines and stress management, can reverse diabetes. I have experienced it with my patients.

However lifestyle changes require working with an expert and time to incorporate new behaviors into your everyday life. Lifestyle changes also require close monitoring of blood sugars to understand how the changes are impacting blood sugar levels throughout the day.

Many of you are put on diabetic medications because your current lifestyles are contributing to your high blood sugar levels.

I know this might seem shocking for a natural health doctor to say, "Take medications." But if you have high blood sugars the medications are not the enemy -- your high blood sugars are!

When your blood sugars are high the glucose in your blood causes damage to blood vessels and the organs in your body. Over time the damage from the excess blood glucose can cause:

- Blindness

- Kidney damage and failure

- Pain and numbness to the hands and feet

- Slow wound healing

- Increased risk for heart disease

- Amputations

The medications are designed to help lower blood sugars to prevent these complications! This could mean taking medication for a period of time until you can consistently change to a healthier lifestyle.

I often recommend that my patients stay on medication until we can build in health lifestyle changes that reduce their blood sugars. Once they learn how to easily incorporate healthy behaviors into their daily activities most eliminate the need for medication all together!

Live Vibrantly,
Dr. Dae
Dr. Daemon Jones


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