Boost your Immunity During the Holidays

Lean proteins, vegetables and fruits can help boost immunity

The food we eat can be powerful medicine to help us boost our immune system, especially during the holidays. During the holiday season we are traveling, engaged in extra activities, eating more processed foods, sugar, cakes and alcohol, and getting less sleep than we usually do.

Perhaps we are more stressed too, managing activities with friends and family. All of these things can reduce our immune’s ability to work well. So let’s look at foods that can help boost immunity during the holidays.

The great thing about using food to boost immunity during the holidays is that there are plenty of options to choice from. Not only do I know the power of food, I love educating and encouraging people to eat tasty, yummy dishes during the holidays.

The key to using food to boost immunity is focusing on proteins, vegetables and fruit as food choices. Examples of proteins are red meats, white meats, poultry, fish, nuts, seeds and beans.

Think about colors of the rainbow as great immune boosters as well. There have been studies on berries like red grapes and blueberries that help boost immunity.

When it comes to vegetables there are phytonutrients in just about every colored vegetable you can think of. There are more vegetables that I can mention so choose your favorites and try to include green, leafy vegetables too.

Foods higher in sugar content like highly processed foods, breads and pastas, cookies, cakes and other desserts, or sugary drinks suppress the immune system instead of boosting it. Avoid these as much as possible.

It is amazing how common ingredients that you have in your home can turn your kitchen into a medicine cabinet. So eat lean proteins, vegetables and fruits during this holiday season and boost your immunity.

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Live Vibrantly,

Dr. Dae


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