Eat Breakfast: Reduce Diabetes, Hypertension and Metabolic Conditions

Have you ever heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Did you pay attention to this message?  If you skip breakfast you are not alone.  As many as 31 million Americans skip breakfast every day. 

Eating breakfast reduces the incidence of type II Diabetes, hypertension, obesity and metabolic conditions. 

Yes, that's right, 10 percent of Americans skip breakfast.  The top reasons why people skipped breakfast is because they were not hungry, or they were too busy or running late and didn’t have time for breakfast.

"Break-fast" is the meal that breaks the fast since your last meal. Usually, that was dinner,  the night before. 

Breaking your fast sets the metabolism for the new day and helps maintain the right balance of hormones for the day ahead.  When you skip breakfast or don’t eat until after 11 a.m. most days, your metabolism begins to change in potentially unhealthy ways.

I know you are probably thinking to yourself, skipping breakfast doesn’t seem like a big deal, right?  What harm can it really do? 

Well, researchers at the University of Minnesota found that people that ate breakfast at least four days each week had a lower risk of developing type II diabetes than those who did not eat breakfast.  

They also found that those who ate breakfast had a lower risk of developing obesity, hypertension (high blood pressure) and other metabolic conditions.

So it seems that making time to eat breakfast IS a big deal!  An interesting aspect of the study is that they did not examine what the participants ate. They just examined whether or not they ate breakfast at least four days per week. 

So the take-home message of the study is that people who eat something for breakfast had a lower chance of developing diabetes, metabolic conditions, hypertension or obesity, than those who skipped breakfast altogether!

A large percentage of the patients I treat are dealing with diabetes, obesity, and other metabolic conditions and one of the first steps in all my programs is to get them to eat a healthy breakfast as part of their daily routine. 

It is a foundation for healthy living. None of my patients are happy when they call trying to reverse their diagnosis of diabetes.

Decide today to take 10 minutes of your schedule to eat something healthy for breakfast in the morning.  Try this -- an apple a day in the morning could keep not only the doctor but diabetes, obesity or high blood pressure away! 

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