Silky Strawberry "Ice Cream"

The secret to this recipe is that nuts create the creaminess and smoothness.  This is a non-dairy treat suitable for lactose intolerant people.  The nuts help to stabilize blood sugar so diabetes can enjoy this too!


¼ cup of almonds
¼ cup of pecans
2 cups of organic frozen strawberries
2 Tablespoon of agave nectar


In a vitamix add the almonds, pecans, strawberries, and agave.  Using the tamper mash the ingredients against the blades to create the soft serve consistency.  Start with the lowest speed and increase to 10 on low then move to high speed.  Continue for 2-3 minutes until nuts are completely blended with the fruit.


Serving size ¼ cup
Serves 6
Prep time 5 minutes