Watermelon Raspberry Aqua Fresca

This is a South American treat that I discovered at my favorite peruvian chicken place.  It is light and refreshing with great flavor from the fruit you have used.  They have dozens of combinations.  This is perfect for summer.

watermelon raspberry aqua fresca is a refreshing way to be hydrated without sugar.

3 cups of watermelon chopped
¾ cup of raspberries
6-7 cups of water
liquid stevia 10 drops

Blend watermelon, raspberries and 2 cups of water until pureed. Strain puree into a pitcher add the addition 4 cups of the water.  Add stevia to taste (5-10 drops). Serve Chilled.

You can substitute your favorite fruits in your puree.  It is a great way to get more water into your every day. 


Daemon JonesComment