How Sweating on Purpose can Help Hot Flashes and Other Menopausal Symptoms

How exercise can help with Hot Flashes and other menopausal symptoms!

If you have had a moment when you suddenly feel like you are on fire from the inside out and there is nothing you can do about it, you know what it feels like to have an intense hot flash.  If you have several of those moments every week or every day you have probably gotten to the point that you are willing to try anything to make them stop. 

You might even resort to exercise. Yes, I said exercise to try to stop the hot flashes. 

Exercise to stop hot flashes

If you have been reading articles or watching the news you have seen that exercise is supposed to be the cure-all for every ailment.  It is amazing how much benefit moving your body on a daily basis can provide.

So researchers looked into exercise as a cure for hot flashes. Disappointingly, a new study,  published in the journal Menopause,  found that exercise alone will not directly improve your hot flashes. 

Exercise leads to better sleep and less depression

Exercise was shown in this study to improve sleep and reduce the incidence of depression in women that exercise.  This is no small finding.  Sleeping soundly improves mental alertness and energy level all day long.  This can be a huge boost in overall satisfaction for all health concerns. 

And who wants to be depressed? Nobody!  Being able to avoid depression in the midst of hormonal changes during menopause is a huge plus as women navigate their bodies' changing needs.  It helps to stay on task and create overall health.

Don’t throw out exercise

Exercise has also been shown to help you lose weight and maintain normal body weight, both of which lower the number of, and the severity of, hot flashes.  So even if exercise doesn’t reduce your hot flashes, exercising and eating healthy as part of a healthy lifestyle does!  The results tell us that we need to use a combination of lifestyle habits to decrease our hot flashes and increase our overall health at the same time.


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