Metabolic Syndrome: A Path That Can Lead to Diabetes or Heart Disease

Have you noticed that Americans as a whole are getting sicker?  Are you noticing that you or your friends and family members are getting diagnosed with high blood pressure, diabetes, pre-diabetes, obesity and heart disease? 

If there are symptoms that would let you know you're headed toward a chronic disease like diabetes or heart disease before you get diagnosed, wouldn’t you want to know?  Metabolic Syndrome is a group of risk factors that increase the risk for heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

You can be diagnosed with metabolic syndrome if you have a combination of three of the five following medical conditions:

• Truncal or apple-shaped obesity, with a waistline of greater than 35 inches for women, or greater than 40 inches for men

• Triglycerides levels in the blood of 150 mg/dL or higher, or taking medication to manage your high triglyceride levels

• HDL cholesterol levels in the blood of lower than 40 mg/dL, or taking medication to manage your low HDL cholesterol levels

• Blood pressure at levels of 130/85 mmHg or higher, or taking medication to control your high blood pressure

• Fasting blood sugar levels over 100 mg/dL, or taking medication to treat high blood sugars or diabetes.

The most common alternate name for metabolic syndrome is syndrome X. However metabolic syndrome can also be called dysmetabolic syndrome, hypertriglyceridemic waist, insulin resistance syndrome or obesity syndrome. 

Regardless of the name used the outcome is still the same, your body is starting to have impaired  metabolic function.  If you do not get this metabolic malfunction under control you will be at higher risk for more serious and potentially fatal diseases. 

Whenever I see or diagnose a patient with metabolic syndrome I explain to them this is a wake up call from your body to start taking better care of their health before they get a worse diagnosis.  Often many of symptoms of metabolic syndrome can improved with the right combination of lifestyle behaviors. 

I have seen incredible success in my patients using simple protocols I have developed in the last 10 years in practice.  You can have success too.

Just make the decision to choose health. 

Live Vibrantly,
Dr. Dae
Dr. Daemon Jones

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