Great Grub for Kids: Teaching Families How to Have Fun and Eat Healthy

Getting kids to eat anything can be a challenge for some parents.  So getting children to eat healthy can be an obstacle that parents don’t know how to tackle. 

Healthy eating for kids can be fun and easy.

After 10 years of practice with hundreds of parents asking for help I can say one of the best solutions is to make healthy eating a fun, interactive experience for your kids.  If you can get them involved with learning about food they are more willing to try healthy foods. 

Here are two of my favorite resources to help you get started involving your kids in the healthy eating process. 

Great Grub for Kids

Eight years ago, I was introduced to Renay Matthews for a health consult.  She helped me to build my practice.  Her dedication to teaching others how to live and eat healthy made us fast friends. 

With the blessing of her son a few years ago, Renay became dedicated to educating parents on how to feed their kids fun healthy food and "Great Grubb for Kids" was born. 

I love this book!  Since reading it I have adopted it in my practice with my families.

It is a very practical guide for parents to teach them how to feed their families healthy food in a fun and easy way.  This eBook is simple, easy, and comprehensive at the same time.  It answers many questions that parents have about age appropriate calorie intakes for kids, supplements, when to eat organic and loads of recipes for kids. 

"Great Grub for Kids" answers questions that parents didn’t know to ask which makes it a great resource for parents and kids. 

To find out more information check out Renay’s blog

Nutrition Detectives

Dr. David Katz is a Yale-based MD who was one of my professors during my naturopathic medical training.  He is dedicated to improving nutrition for all people and has developed a special program called Nutrition Detectives™ "Teaching Kids to Make Healthy Choices". 

This comes in the form of a free download or DVD dedicated to teaching elementary school children about nutrition and reading labels in an innovative way.

To find out more information check Dr. Katz’s website

Making healthy eating fun is the best way I know to get anyone, especially kids, to make it part of their daily routine.  Using resources from experts can make this process easier and fun for you as parents, too.

Live Vibrantly,

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Dr. Daemon Jones


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