Nourishing Yourself to Vibrant Health

The month of March is National Nutrition Month. What better time to focus on nourishment?

To nourish, according to Merriam-Webster dictionary is "to provide (someone or something) with food and other things that are needed to live, be healthy, etc." The second definition is "to cause (something) to develop or grow stronger."

Doesn’t it sound wonderful to be nourished? Do you nourish yourself?

There are many ways to be nourished. You can be nourished by loving words, self-care, good friends, and loyal family. Fun exercise, celebrations and vacations are nourishing. So are sunshine, nature and spiritual support. Each of these is important to health, development and growth.

The most fundamental way that we nourish ourselves on a daily basis is by creating healthy eating habits.

Since it's National Nutrition Month, I wanted to talk about the importance of eating a healthy whole food diet. It not only nourishes your body, it also prevents the development of many chronic illnesses like heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Whole Foods are fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish, poultry, red meats (Cow, Lamb, Buffalo), dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurt), nuts and seeds, legumes and beans. When considering whole foods it is important to consider the way the foods are farmed and raised. It is best to consider free-range, grass-fed foods that are free of pesticides, mercury and hormones.

For more information about how to choose the best types of food, go to the Environmental Working Group's website

It is important that a majority of your diet focus on these types of foods every day.

Let me give you some ideas about what IS a whole food and what is not a whole food. An apple is a whole food. A chocolate chip cookie is not. Chicken breast is a whole food. Chicken nuggets are not.

When you think about whole foods, think about the colors of the rainbow.

There are tons of studies about fruits and vegetables nourishing our bodies, preventing chronic diseases, being anti-aging and boosting our immune system.

When it comes to vegetables there are phytonutrients in just about every colored vegetable you can think of. So choose your favorites and try to include plenty of green, leafy vegetables too.

This month take a few minutes to think about what foods are nourishing you that you love? Put those food in your rotation of meals!

Live Vibrantly,
Dr. Dae

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