How Can a Detox or Cleanse Benefit Me?- PODCAST

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During this conversation we will discuss detox as a way of eliminating toxins from the body in a safe and appropriate way for a specific period of time, a detoxification plan.  There are several components to a detox plan to eliminate toxins from the body and the mind.  We need to consider the foods that we eat, how to improve our digestion and elimination, cleansing our skin, the amount of water we are drinking, how much sleep we are getting and how to reduce toxic situations and thoughts. 

We also need to consider that when we start a detox it is often the case that you will experience side effects of cleansing because our body is releasing toxins.  These can include headaches, ache or skin rashes, hunger, digestive problems, low level energy, congestion, just to name a few.  These usually subside in a few days as the toxins are released.  All of these need to be considered before starting a detox plan. Once you have considered these you are ready to learn the details of a detox plan. 

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