4 Things that Could Be Drying Out Your Skin this Summer

Everyone wants beautiful, luscious skin all the time, especially in the summertime. So if you are battling dry or scaly skin you probably want to know what could be causing your skin problems.

Summertime can be a difficult time for skin if you spend large quantities of time outside. If you are spending time in the sun and you are not protecting your skin you can get a sunburn, which kills the cells on the top layers of the skin.

The UV rays actually penetrate the deeper layers of the skin and cause wrinkles, sagging and loose skin. Repeated skin damage can also put you at higher risk for skin cancer. Make sure to stay protected by using sunscreens, umbrellas, or long sleeves and long pants.

One of the coolest places in the summer is in the water at the pool, right? But spending time in swimming pools or whirlpools that are heavily chlorinated can dry skin as well. You can enjoy the pool, but try to find places that are not so heavily chlorinated that you can smell them from down the street.

After a day in the pool or outside I’m sure all you want to do is jump into a nice hot shower! But a long hot shower is another situation that can dry your skin. It is better to turn down the temperature to tepid, and don't stay in too long.

As soon as you get out of the shower immediately put on your oil, lotion or cream. It helps to trap water in the surface of your skin.

In the summer, we can be changing our clothes multiple times per day. We definitely want to get out of our hot stuffy work outfits and into cool breezy summer frocks in the evening and weekends.

This causes lots of laundry! Harsh soaps, detergents, or shampoos can strip moisture from our skin. The ones that strip our skin the most are deodorants and antibacterial soaps. Look for products that are made for sensitive skin, hypoallergenic, or fragrance-free.

There are some foods that can help you hydrate, too. Foods like cucumbers and celery contain silica that boost moisture and elasticity. Salmon, walnuts and flax seeds have omega-3 fatty acids that hold in water. And water is the most important thing to drink everyday.

Enjoy your summer and stay hydrated.

Now that you know what to do, you are set for a great summer.

Live Vibrantly,

Dr. Dae

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