Stress Management Is Easy

Stress can become toxic if you feeling stressed all of the time.  Stress hormones can start aging and damaging of your cells if you are living with stress in your life.  Let's break the stress habits a so we can live a more energetic and healthy life. 

Here are some of the negative results of stress.

Stress negatively impacts the body in that chronic stress can create physical disease over time. When stress hormones are released into your system, the following physical symptoms can occur:

  • Heart rate increases.
  • Blood vessels constrict increasing blood pressure.
  • Digestive secretions and digestive processes are inhibited.
  • Cortisol hormones are released to the brain and the body.
  • Blood sugars are released into the blood which can increase blood sugar levels to an unhealthy degree.

Long-term stress response in the body can lead to:

  • Too much cortisol production hitting the brain over time.
  • This can result in hippocampal brain damage which leads to circadian rhythm disruption.
  • This can cause moodiness, memory loss, brain fog and sleep disturbances.
  • Vital nutrients may be used up too quickly and cause depletion.
  • Overproduction of low-density (LDL) cholesterol can occur.
  • Cortisol can increase glucose levels in the blood. Glucose is stored as fat if unused, which results in weight gain.

Here are some activities to help relieve stress:

  • Exercise
  • Getting enough Sleep
  • Waking up on time
  • Breathing/Meditation
  • Laughter
  • Play
  • Taking a bath (not a shower)

Pick one stress management tool and practice for 21 days to see how it changes your life.


Daemon JonesComment