Celebrating Mother’s Day With Gratitude Around the World

Mothers are the greatest people in the world, aren’t they? On the second Sunday of May we have an opportunity to express our gratitude and thanksgiving for our moms. We affectionately refer to it as Mother’s Day.

Did you know that living in a state of gratitude can support better health? So as you feel gratitude for the things your mother has given to you, you're improving your health. As she feels gratitude for your appreciation she is improving her health.

Mental health professionals are studying positive psychology to understand how gratitude is improving our health. "Grateful people take better care of themselves and engage in more protective health behaviors like regular exercise, a healthy diet, regular physical examinations," University of California, Davis psychology professor Robert Emmons said in an article posted on WedMD.

Gratitude offers other health benefits that help us to reduce stress which can contribute to diseases like heart disease and cancer. Gratitude fosters optimism and improves your immune health as well. Even in the face of grief, you can experience gratitude and thanksgiving in remembering the good moments.

So know that the gratitude you express to your mom on Mother’s Day and every day thereafter can improve your health, and hers as well.

Let’s look at some traditions from around the world about how people celebrate, love and are thankful for their mothers.

Australia, Canada, South Africa and the United States

Mother’s Day is one of the most popular holidays of the year in these countries. It occurs on the second Sunday of May. Eacch of these countries have similar traditions for Mother’s Day. Not only are mothers celebrated, but grandmothers and other special women are also given special attention.

Here are a few of their Mother's Day traditions:

• Wearing a carnation. If you are wearing a colored carnation it signifies that your mother is still living. If you are wearing a white carnation it signifies that she has passed away.

• Flowers and Cards. Flowers and cards are popular ways of showing love and affection for mothers and mother figures.


The Mother’s Day festival is very new. It is only a decade old as a celebration. It focuses on giving mom the day off by cooking dinner so she doesn’t have to work on her special day. It is more prominent in major cities where there is more access and exposure to other cultures' holidays.


Mexico celebrates Mother’s Day on May 10 instead of the second Sunday of May. It is celebrated with special church services. The highlight is the orchestra playing "Las Mañanitas" and distributing tamales to the mothers.

No matter where in the world there are mothers, they are celebrated and thanked for the love and support they provide all year long. It is a time of gratitude and thanksgiving for mothers and children alike. Taking this gratitude into the every day instead of reserving it for a display once a year can improve the health of the whole family.

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