Should I Freeze My Eggs? Egg-freezing Parties Give Women Options

When I was a little kid every year I use to look forward to Easter because my mom, brother and I would get together and dye Easter eggs. It was our egg decorating party. Now that my friends and I are in our thirties and forties we are talking about parties again. But this time we are talking about freezing our eggs from our ovaries so we can have children in the next couple of years.

This is becoming popular with women who are considering in vitro fertilization. IVF is a series of procedures that assists women and families in the process of fertilization. It is often used to aid women who are having difficulty conceiving because of genetic or conception problems.

Mature eggs are taken from the woman’s ovaries. The eggs are fertilized by sperm in the lab. Then the fertilized eggs are implanted into the uterus. This entire process takes about two weeks.

IVF can be an expensive endeavor. Women have to pay for the procedure, plus the fertility drugs and the storage fees. There is also no guarantee that it will produce a successful pregnancy. reported on a company called EggBanxx which “works with women and in vitro fertilization centers to retrieve and store eggs at a price they claim is more affordable than a fertility clinic. One egg freezing cycle through EggBanxx can cost between $6,750 and $8,300, plus the cost of fertility drugs and egg storage.”

The egg-freezing parties allow women to freeze their eggs until they are ready to get pregnant. Once they are ready, they will finish the rest of the procedure.

Why do women consider freezing their eggs?

They want to focus on their careers. Or they want to focus on their education. Others are concerned with finding the right mates, and don’t want to miss their opportunity to have children once they have found the right partner.

The egg-freezing parties create an opportunity for women to find out more about the options for freezing their eggs. They can learn about the costs and the procedures associated with the process.

The parties are designed to be an educational experience for women.  Egg-freezing parties can be sponsored by fertility doctors or fertility companies that work with fertility centers.

According to, in the 1980s freezing was done for women with medical conditions like cancer to give them a chance to have biological children. Now these parties are giving women options to freeze their eggs for other reasons.

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