Getting Leans with Greens in 2016 - Fun at the NBC4 Health and Fitness Expo 2016

It was such a blast to have friend join me to help teach people how to Eat More Plants!  This year I focused on Getting Lean Eating Greens in 2016! Check out the Fun!

If I it wasn't for my friend and mentor, Chef Daniel W. Thomas I would not have had anyone show up to my demo.  He got the crowd excited and ready!  He was so good he got me excited to come out and make 3 dishes for everyone.  Chef Daniel even got the NBC4 Peacock to come over and dance with us!

My goal was to make 3 dishes with green vegetable in them.  I made:

Oh My Darling Clementine Salad (Spinach)

Coconut Lime Chickpeas (Broccoli)

Chocolate Green Smoothie

You can find these recipes in my book, Eat More Plants

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