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Dr. Daemon Jones, or Dr. Dae, as her patients affectionately call her, left the corporate world to enter the naturopathic medical field.

After 15 years as an ND, she is the author of 2 books and 6 e-books. Soon she is launching a ‘members only’ website with online videos and other resources to serve not just her clients but others in the naturopathic medicine field.

“We need to have more tools in the naturopathic community, so we don’t have to keep reinventing the wheel in our individual practices,” she explains.

“As naturopaths, we love to be innovative. But, we also need to continue to create support systems where we can help one another. I love the fact that some of my colleagues said, ‘Yes. Great! You did this so we don’t have to!’

Whole foods nutrition is the foundation of her practice. In the early days, she discovered her patients were upset by the idea of giving up certain foods, and they didn’t know what to replace them with. Paying attention to her patients and what they need always inspir

es Dr. Dae to new ways of doing business.

So she started demonstrating healthy recipes.

“Cooking demonstrations show people that change is actually simple, and that these healthy foods taste great!” Not only did cooking demos win her clients over to a healthier lifestyle, she found them a great way to promote her practice.

A local cancer and chronic disease support center often sponsored her cooking demos. The eager attendees started asking for the recipes. This led her to write her first cookbook, Daelicious Recipes for Vibrant Living. Her second book, Eat More Plants, helps explain the connection between various vegetables and fruits and their health promoting properties.


As Dr. Dae innovates, her practice evolves.

“Washingtonians are busy people.  I am finding they do not want to come in for face to face contact as much anymore, so I am looking for new ways to bring the information to them.”

She sees patients now 2 days a week, and spends her other days out speaking in public or working on her video projects.

“I’m so much happier now.”

“My practice has always changed based on what my patients are requesting of me. What are they asking of me? How can I provide it to them? How can I do it in a way that makes me feel excited and creative?”

One day Dr. Dae will convey information by filming a video, the next day she may do it in a one-on-one meeting. The following day Dr. Dae may deliver the same information to 30 people in a classroom. It may be the same information, yet the diversity of tasks and settings makes her job new and different on a daily basis. “It’s stimulating,” she enthuses.

Choosing naturopathic medicine and UBCNM

Dr. Dae was unhappy in her corporate job. She made an appointment to consult with a naturopathic doctor, not because she was sick, but because of her general malaise. After one visit with a naturopathic doc, she was fascinated. She loved what she heard about the lifestyle changes that could get her back to loving her life. “I love naturopathic medicine, and the different ways we can express it, how we can help people get better. We can be creative, I have learned about how to help people.”

She initially enrolled in Bastyr University in Seattle and transferred to University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine (UBCNM) to be closer to home when her mother became very ill. She found the transition very easy and UBCNM very accommodating to the transfer. “I made friends in the class behind me as well as my graduating class, as I complete the requisite courses. It was an opportunity to meet and make a lot of friends.”

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