Oats are the Fiber for Heart Health!

Have you ever heard that cheerios are go for your heart?  Did you know that the secret ingredient is oats?

Heart health

Yep you guessed it oats are really one of the secret heroes of heart health, diabetes and healthy living! Oats are loaded with fiber, a special fiber called beta-glucan.  This special fiber helps to lower cholesterol by binding to excess cholesterol in the blood and pulling it into the digestive system so it can be excreted. Creating and maintaining healthy cholesterol levels helps to reduce the risk of heart disease. 

In addition to reducing cholesterol levels the fiber and antioxidant properties help to prevent heart disease, blood vessel disease, diabetes, menopause and breast cancer.


High blood sugars, which cause diabetes, be better regulated by high fiber diets and oats are a healthy part of that diet.


The fiber from oats is great for woman’s health issues as well.  Oat can be protective for menopause and breast cancer as well.


There is some controversy as to whether oats are considered gluten-free or not.  Oats actually are gluten free!  Oats are usually processed on the same manufacturing plant as wheat so they are contaminated in the process.   So if you want to stay gluten-free then make sure to buy oats or steel cut oats that have gluten free on the package.  Bob’s Red Mill is an example of a brand that is gluten- free.

How to Prepare Oats

Oats can be used in so many different types of food.  They make great breakfast treats like traditional cooked oats. 

Oats can be used to make breads for sandwiches or lunch.  They can be milled down to use as flour so they can also be used to make pastries, pies, or cookies.  So you can use oats for any meal of the day.

Here is one of my oat based recipes from my website for you to try.

Banana Bliss Pancakes


If you like this you might want to try others that from my book, Eat More Plants!

Enjoy oats and stay healthy!

Live Vibrantly,

Dr. Dae

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