Benefits of Eggplant


I also realized that many Italian dishes and Asian dishes have great ideas about how to use eggplants.


Health Benefits:

Eggplant has many antioxidant activities.  Antioxidants are chemicals that used protect our cells from damage so they are important for reducing disease.  Some of the benefits found in eggplants have been associated with anti-cancer activity.  Interestingly enough they have also been found to have antimicrobial and antiviral so they can be important for the immune system support.

The beautiful purple color in the skin is a powerful antioxidant.

When cooking one of the drawbacks is that the skin can be a bit bitter.  This means you might need to add a few drops of maple syrup or stevia to help round out the flavor.

How to pick a good Eggplant

When picking an Eggplant look for shiny skin that looks fresh.  If you see dent or bruises then it is quite possible the flesh underneath will be damaged as well.

How to store an Eggplant

Eggplants are very sensitive to both heat and cold.  Do not cut it until you are ready to use it because it degrades quickly. It is best to keep in the refrigerator crisper uncut and unwashed.

Recipes/Fun Ideas about how to use Eggplant

I have fallen in love with eggplant in sandwiches and casseroles.  They are great in stews too.  Here are a few suggestions.

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