Hitting the Bulls Eye!


As I was leaving a Christmas volunteering event that I look forward to every year, one of my patient stopped me to share this story with me.

Her HbA1c levels, which are levels that look at blood sugar reading for a three-month period of time had dropped since she started implementing my program for diabetes.  

Maybe you would call that a great CHRISTMAS GIFT but I wouldn’t.  I would call that following through on her INTENTION!

When she joined the practice about a year ago it was her intention to reduce her blood sugars, her cholesterol, improve her heart and overall health using natural methods NOT medications.

She held her intention and was open to coaching about her health and the results were in her lab work!  She got her numbers down!

NOW that is the power of her intention! That is the power of setting an intention for health, not a resolution but an intention.  She is a perfect example for the theme for the month, having an intention is essential for a sweet life.

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae