What's Your Excuse?


Intentions can be defined as the instructions that people give themselves to perform particular behaviors or to achieve certain goals. Intentions are the culmination of the decision-making process and the signal at the end of deliberation about a behavior. Intentions capture the standard of performance that a person has set themselves, their commitment to the performance and the amount of time and effort that will be expended during action. This is the definition according to Predicting and Changing Healthy Behavior Research and Practice with Cognitive Social models 3rd edition. 

After all, it is the theme for this month: having an intention is essential for a sweet life.

What are the instructions that you are telling yourself about your health? If you are not the weight that you want to be, or the pant size you want to be, or if you are taking medications that you don’t want to take, then you are telling yourself lies about your health! 

I will never lie to you! You are too important for me to lie to you. Your health is too important.  

If you say…

"All I have to do is exercise more, then I will lose weight." You are lying to yourself because if you really knew about the proper exercise and nutrition, you would do it, lose the weight and feel great!

If you say…

"I know that my blood sugars aren’t great but as long as I eat in moderation I will be fine." You are lying to yourself because even moderately high blood sugars increase your risk for heart disease, blindness, amputations, dialysis and more.

So get real for a minute and be honest ... what are you telling yourself about your health?

Most people lie to themselves because they don’t know what to do or what to ask to change their health. As a result, they live with pain, discomfort and underlying stress about their health. You don’t have to live like that – not anymore.

When you set an intention for health you are taking your first step. Next you have to be open to educating yourself about new ways to get healthy and stay that way. The most important step is to get accurate information and mentoring to get you to your intention.

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To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae