Warming Winter Foods can Change how you think Health Foods

If one of your New Years resolutions has to do with eating healthier then Rooting Yourself in positive beliefs is your perfect solution. Winter is the perfect time to eat root vegetables!  (Did you like that play on words?)

Root vegetables are foods that grow underground and that we usually keep in the pantry for quite a while. Examples are sweet potatoes, red potatoes (really all potatoes), carrots, celery, parsnips, beets, celery root, rutabaga, and radishes.  You get the idea.  Just for good measure you can use fun underground spices too like ginger, garlic, and leeks.

Did you know that sweet potatoes actually have chemicals that can improve blood sugar regulation levels even in type 2 diabetics?  So you can eat up this super-vegetable and it can help with weight loss, diabetes, and heart disease.  In my Eat More Plant Membership community we will explore root vegetable recipes and health benefits.  Or you can just use some of recipes from by Eat More Plants.

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