Gratitude has a healing power for body and mind


When I was growing up my Grammy always told me to be grateful for what I had.
Since I always did what my Grammy told me to do (she was a nursery school
teacher!), I was grateful.

So since I was a child, I have always tried to be grateful for gifts people have
given me, grateful when I achieve my goals, grateful for the good in life.
As I have gotten older have learned that true gratitude is being grateful for all that
life has to offer. The good things AND the challenging things. This is the true
test of gratitude.

The theme for this month is Gratitude for Your Sweet Life. Gratitude is defined as
thankfulness, gratefulness, or appreciation. It is a feeling or attitude in
acknowledgment of a benefit that one has received or will receive. 
At the end of November, we turn our attention to the holiday of thanksgiving and
we give thanks for all the food and family at the table. I challenge you to take the
entire month to give thanks for all the things that you have, including the
challenges that have shown up in your life.

No matter how challenging your life might seem there is still space for gratitude.
Do you have running water or food in your home? Then you are in better shape
than our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico.

Can you breathe fresh air in your neighborhood? Then you are better off than
our friends in northern and southern California that are dealing with the after
effects of the uncontained fires.

Can you hug a family member because they live with you or near you? Then you
are better off than the 10-year- old child that is under threat of deportation
because she needed gall bladder surgery.

Spend a few minutes to fill your heart with gratitude for what you do have.
Having Gratitude for Your Sweet Life can change your attitude, physical health,
your immune system, your mental state, your optimism and your happiness.
Take a journey with me this month and learn how gratitude is essential for life.

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae