The Power of Comfort Foods!

So many people use food for comfort and for love! So during this month when we are talking about The Power of Love I want to share stories about food. We generally associate using food to satisfy our emotional needs as a bad or destructive behavior.   Unfortunately, I have heard women in my office jokingly refer to ice cream as their boyfriend!  Explaining that they “cosy” up on the couch with a bowl of ice cream many times per week!

Using food for comfort doesn’t have to be a destructive behavior.  Instead, you can turn your comfort foods into a powerful source of energy for yourself.  Here is how I did it.

When I was in medical school I would come home some Fridays completely wiped out after an exhausting week.  My old behavior was to crave comfort food in the form of warm cheese and bread.  These foods especially in combination, would leave me feeling bloated and sinus-pain ridden every Saturday morning.  I almost felt like I had a hangover without drinking any alcohol.  This made Saturday all-day study sessions even more painful.

Then one Friday, after a particularly tough week, I decided to say no to torturing myself with food.  Instead, I decided I was going to take myself out the best meal I could afford.  I set my sites on a salmon dinner with fresh veggies and apple cobbler for dessert.  I made a choice to treat myself to a lovely nourishing delicious meal. (This is self-care by the way!)

Guess what happened?

I woke up the next day with tons of energy, feeling fantastic.  Why did that happen? I decided to re-define what I considered “comfort food”.  I made the decision to give myself foods that nurtured my body and my soul.  I got fantastic results so I changed my habits to give myself the best food I could afford as my comfort food.

To this day I still make that decision whenever I crave comfort food – I find the tastiest and healthiest food I can and make or buy that for myself.

This month in my Eat More Plants Monthly Community we are focused on the power of comfort foods!  Each week you will get a cooking video with a healthy recipe and variations that teach you how to use that one recipe in multiple ways.  It is the perfect way to love food and your heart at the same time and all for $9.99 per month. ( )

I challenge you to try this experiment for yourself and see what your results are.  You might surprise yourself and create a new self-care practice that you love.

Let me know what your favorite healthy comforts are!

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae

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