I will! Will you?


The theme I have chosen for February is A Loving Heart creates the sweetest life.  I often create these posts several weeks in advance of the sending them out so that I can ensure that you have relevant content dropping into your mailbox in a timely and constant fashion. However, as we know life happens on its own schedule and I had such a powerful teaching that I had to bump it up to the front of the queue.

The lesson was when you take ACTION you are always rewarded!  Often it is in ways you never expect or can imagine!

Here is what happened. Last week I was attending a business and medical conference designed to help me become a better doctor and a better business woman. A few days before I became aware that during the conference they was an awards ceremony on the last day, and I was nominated for one of the awards.

The category was the I WILL.  Nominees were chosen based on their willingness to commit to their purpose and taking consistent action towards that purpose regardless of the challenges that arise.  

When I joined this community of health care professionals I committed to build a practice (removed ‘to’) dedicated to permanently improve the lives of people that were to health in their lives!- unclear

I have to say I didn’t take in the full depth of the meaning of the award until I was sitting in the audience waiting to hear who the committee had chosen.  In that moment, I realized that people noticed that I had committed to myself, my goals and I had taken repeated actions towards my purpose.  That is so powerful!

When you take action to eat more plants, or exercise four times per week or sit and breathe for 5 minutes to reduce your stress.  No one may notice – at first. However, when you take consistent action day after day and week after week.  Your life begins to change.  At some point, other people will take notice.  They will ask you what you are doing differently.  

When you take action, you become a leader in your community.  It is one of the most powerful ways that you show love to yourself and to everyone you love.  A Loving Heart creates the sweetest life.  

Did you like how I tied that back into the theme for the month?

If you are ready to take the action and love yourself back to health then call to reserve your spot, for the next dinner presentation, Stress Hormones and Health February 15th @ 7:00 pm, space is limited so you MUST CALL, not email, to reserve your spot!

By the way, I did receive the award!  And Yes, I did get up on stage and do the ugly cry because I was so overcome with gratitude to be recognized for my hard work.

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae