Sleep can Help or Hurt Your Health

After 15 years of practice, I have a healthy respect for how your sleep impacts your health. So we will continue with my theme: Restoration is the Foundation for A Sweet Life.  I’m sure if you knew what I know then sleep would become one of your top priorities!

Persistent sleep debt or sleep deprivation causes a weakening of the immune system.  This can cause the body to be more susceptible to diseases, everything from simple colds to cancer.

Lack of sleep causes stress and the release of hormones that create imbalances in the body.  Stress and lack of sleep can upset your mental balance leading to irritability, lack of focus, memory loss and emotional roller coasters of highs and lows.

Sleep deprivation can cause increases in insulin resistance, a precursor and underlying cause of diabetes and pre-diabetes. (If you want to learn more about how sleep, or lack of it, affects your diabetes then join my free online video course Dr. Dae’s Tips for Managing your Blood Sugars.

Taken together, these things can lead to weight problems which, in turn, can lead to other problems. If you are overweight the excess fat tissue in the around your ears, nose and throat region can cause a problem called sleep apnea.  The excess tissue cuts off the airways causing you to temporarily stop breathing during the night.  Over time, this can become dangerous. Being overweight is not the only reason for sleep apnea but it is one of the biggest.

Sometimes the imbalance you are dealing with can cause the sleep problems.  I specialize in working with women going through menopause.  If hot flashes or night sweats are impacting you then you should read this article, How to Treat Lack of Sleep in Menopause.

So restful and restorative sleep is really important. It can change not only your energy levels but also your health.

I’m not trying to scare you with all these different imbalances!  I just want to give you some understanding about how important sleep is to your good health. So if you are not paying attention to your sleep, you better start!  If you are not getting the sleep you need consider changing your habits.  If you don’t know how to improve your health, schedule a 30-minute Free discovery appointment

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Dr. Dae


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