Are you struggling with good sleep? This is for you.


Earlier this month I had a chance to speak to Dr. Marsie Lyn Ross, during her Facebook Live podcast about the importance of sleep.  From our discussion it became so clear that there are so many ways that people need to hear how important sleep is!  So, as we continue our journey to nourish ourselves this month, I have decided to talk about sleep.  After all, sleep is an important component for nourishment.  Sleep is required for a sweet life.

If you didn’t get a chance to drop in live, here is a link to view the podcast!

Lack of sleep causes stress and the release of hormones that create imbalances in the body.  If you don’t get enough sleep it can release hormones that cause your body to gain weight!  YEP I said it - lack of sleep can cause weight gain.  When you don’t get enough sleep your body releases a hormone called leptin.

Leptin is a hormone that helps to regulate our feelings of being full or wanting to continue eating.  When high levels of leptin are circulating in the blood, it signals to the brain that we feel full and don’t need to continue eating.  When we have low levels of leptin circulating, we feel hungry and have signals to eat.  There has been research showing that when people suffer from too little sleep their leptin levels are lower, resulting in increased appetite and over-eating. 

Sleep deprivation can also cause increases in insulin resistance, a pre-cursor and underlying cause of diabetes and pre-diabetes.

As I said before, sleep can cause havoc with your hormones!!

If you want to learn more about how get your hormones under control, so you can sleep better and be a healthier, more energetic person, than you need to come to our next Stress Hormones and Health seminar.  Check below for how to sign up for the next one.

So restful and restorative sleep is really important. It can change not only your energy levels but also your health.

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae