Spring into Your Sweet Life with Food Detox

picture from urbanwired

picture from urbanwired

One way to Spring into the Sweet Life is to consider doing a detox.  It is a way to completely renew your energy, vitality and health.  What made me consider including a post on detox was a conversation I had a few days ago.

I was speaking to a friend of mine and he was asking for nutritional advice because he needed to start working on his summer body.  He said during the winter he felt he could eat rich, delicious food but now that he was going to be wearing spring and summer clothes he would have to slim down and eat healthy food. He was sure this was not going to taste so good! But that is not true! There are delicious de-toxifying foods.

So there is every reason to look forward to your summer body and a detoxification plan.

Detox is a way of eliminating toxins from the body in a safe and appropriate way. There are several components to a detox plan.  We need to consider the foods we eat, how to improve our digestion and elimination, cleansing our skin, the amount of water we are drinking, how much sleep we are getting and how to reduce toxic situations and thoughts.

Have you noticed that most of the things that are part of a good detoxification plan are things that are part of your daily habits?  Not really surprising huh?

I have conducted tons of detoxification programs in my practice over the years.  What I love about having a group to do detoxing is the sharing that happens during the process. If you want to try a detox consider my 7-day Eat More Plants challenge!  If you want to sign up, then click on the link.

We will start in May.  It is so simple and it is free! 


To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae


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