Renewal and Stress can’t exist in the same space


For the last installment of this month’s theme is Renew, and live a Sweet Life, I want to talk about what leads us to needed to have renew time – Stress.  It is a topic that speak about on a weekly basis because it is so pervasive in our American way of life!

Stress is a normal part of our body’s processing. It is a short-term solution to life-threatening situation. When we encounter a stressful situation our body immediately releases chemicals and hormones to help us handle the situation. Our body releases our primary stress hormone, cortisol, which increases our blood pressure and our heart rate, increases the amount of glucose in our body, and increases our mental alertness.

Our stress hormones are designed to be released quickly, act quickly, and then dissipate. In our current society we are more likely to find ourselves getting stressed about things that are not life-threatening. Our stress hormones are being released because our boss doesn’t like our projects or because we are sitting in traffic.

This creates overuse of the stress response, which over time begins to rob our body of nutrients, minerals and the building blocks for our hormones.

After the situation has passed our bodies stop producing those hormones we return to a normal relaxed. If we are not giving our minds and bodies time to renew ourselves these symptoms turn into disease.  We begin to have symptoms like constant fatigue, exhaustion, sleep deprivation, weight gain, high blood pressure and pre-diabetes. Emotionally we may feel depressed or anxious. We may be constantly quick to anger or frustration.  

Does any of this sound familiar to you?  If it does then you need to pick up the phone and register for my next stress hormones and health talk because you need to learn the next steps in the process reset and renew your health quick!

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae