Nurturing yourself Reduces Chronic Illness

The cause of disease in our bodies is often silent. It creeps up on us slowly over time, like a smoldering fire that burns unnoticed till one day we wake up with an illness.

This is true for most chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or heart disease. It also true for many other diseases like autoimmune conditions, hormonal imbalances, gastrointestinal diseases, and just about anything that ends in “itis.”

Medical research has begun to ask questions about what the common underlying causes are of all these problems that create disease in our bodies. And research is looking into what types of tests we can use to find them and measure them.

Chronic inflammation, more accurately known as low-grade or systemic inflammation, is becoming a topic of research to answer questions about the common underlying cause of disease.

Chronic inflammation is different from the normal or acute, or short-lived, inflammation that occurs when we have a bruise or cut. In acute inflammation, our bodies find the bruise or cut, send chemicals into the area, heal the problem, and then our body goes back to its normal processing.

Chronic inflammation is different because the body is not able to shut off the immune response and it continues at a low level, like a fire that is at a smoldering burn for much too long. Over time, this smoldering flame can ignite into a major problem or chronic disease.

When you take the time to Nurture the Sweetness in Life you create healthy habits that reduce inflammation and chronic disease. You make your health important enough to change the cycle of disease.

What are habits are considered nurturing yourself? You already know my favorites eating more plants – an 80% plant-based diet, moving your body, relaxation techniques, and getting good sleep.  When you focus on these behaviors your life and health both change for the better.

What behavior are you willing to make one change for the better in the next 7 days?  If you want I have a free online course to give you ideas about eating healthy foods, Quick and Healthy Meal for Busy People.

Perhaps you want to create more gratitude for the next 7 days, you could join my 30 days of gratitude to improve your health and attitude email program.

Or shoot me a message to let me know what habit you will be trying for the next 7 days!

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae


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