Celebrating the Masculine – Father’s Day

father's day celebrating the masculine

This month’s theme is Creating Balance for Your One Sweet Life.  The definition of creating balance is: “to arrange, adjust, or proportion the parts of something symmetrically.”  I have been reading the book, “God Wears Lipstick: Kabbalah For Women”, in which the author discusses the need for both masculine and feminine energies to create a balanced life.

Last month I wrote about the feminine energy of nurturing ourselves,  The Mother in All of Us, for Mother's Day.  Today I want to balance that perspective by talking about masculine energy for Father's Day.

Fathering ourselves is just as important for our healing process.  Masculine energy is often defined as taking action or helping to move things forward in life.

What does it mean to father one’s self?

The definition “to father” is: “to procreate or to be part of the creation of.”  Simply put, it means to be the founder of a process or an idea.  “To father” can also mean “to be the leader of or the champion to”.  Since I am a daughter my favorite meaning for father is “to be a protector of.”

When we father ourselves we are honest about our goals and dreams for ourselves and for our family.  We develop and support those dreams.  We put energy into our dreams for ourselves.

The father in us protects our goals.  We do not allow others to talk us out of fulfilling our dreams.

No matter what is happening in our lives we find quiet moments to continue supporting the unfolding of our dreams into fruition.  Maybe it is 15 minutes a week planning our next step in a secluded sacred space, what men often refer to as their“man cave.”

We find ways to put power and energy into our goals no matter what!  The father in us shows perseverance.

Finally, our fathers cheer for us!  They are on the sidelines watching what we do, giving us a support just by their presence.  They are ones who cheer the loudest when we do something spectacular.

When we father ourselves we cheer for ourselves in private and in public!  We toot our horn until others jump on the bandwagon.

Fathering ourselves is just as important as mothering ourselves.  As we do both, we are Creating Balance for Your One Sweet Life.

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae

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