Ready, Set…. Relax

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This month’s Creating Balance for Your One Sweet Life is inspired by my desire to create more balance and relaxation in my life.  In order to do that I have to totally re-organize my life, my practice included.  This means spring cleaning in a big way, more projects, learning how to do things differently on personal and professional levels. So even though the end goal is to create more balance, right now it just feels like more work!

Summer is my favorite time of year because it brings time to relax and enjoy life, food, and friends.  It is the time

Or am I?

I have noticed in recent weeks that the more social activities I am invited to, the more tension I feel in my shoulders.

Why is that?

It is because I want to have more fun BUT I feel like I should stay and work.

Have you ever had this experience? You decide to do something new, start a new job, change your summer plans, accommodate the new family schedule - and it feels overwhelming and hard.  Then you are having the same experience I am having now: the tension between work and relaxation.

That tension between deciding between work and relaxation is called stress. And it is self-imposed stress because we are making ourselves choose between one or the other.

Here, by the way, is an article that I wrote about stress.


Stress robs us of our ability to have fun and relax.  When we feel stressed about things that are not life-threatening, the quality of our health is really impaired. We can become more susceptible to chronic diseases like insulin resistance, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure.

This ruins our vacations and relaxation time.  So once I realized that I was stressing over relaxing, I had to laugh at myself.  This is the best medicine.

The truth is that it is possible for me to enjoy summertime fun and get my work done too.


Do one thing at a time!  This is what finding balance in life means.  When I am working I do my best to achieve whatever is on my work “to do” list.  When I leave work to have fun, I try to really have fun and relax. 

So that is exactly what I have decided to do; not stress about things,   go sit outside, eat lunch and enjoy it!

How are you giving yourself permission to have fun in the sun this summer? Write me and let me know!

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae