Creating Balance for Your One Sweet Life

June is the end of spring and unofficially the start of summer. June also brings the ending of classes and the beginning of all sorts of celebrations, graduations, and parties. 

June is a time of beginning and endings for so many of us. It is when we suddenly notice the changes in our children as they move on to the next grade or move to new schools.  But it can also bring changes for adults as our children’s changes force us to make adjustments.

So it is the perfect time to talk about Creating Balance for Your One Sweet Life. Finding balance in life as it changes is a constant challenge.  When we layer a busy schedule on top of life’s unavoidable changes it can cause mayhem and stress.

Often our first response to an overfilled scheduled is to tense up and get anxious.  You might become worried about not being able to handle all of the moving parts of your life.  As we tighten our grip on our schedule we can sometimes lose sight of having fun during the celebrations. Instead, they become one more thing to be upset about.

Do not underestimate the emotional change that happens during these changes in school status.  Children can be excited or scared about the new paths they will be embarking on in the summer or fall.  Moms and dads can also have deep emotional reactions to the changes in their status, for example when they become empty nesters.  I have a friend who shared with me recently how concerned she is about how she will have to refine her roles when her daughter leaves in a few months. She will have to find a whole new balance for a life that no longer revolves around her daughter.

I think finding balance in life means finding the fun during the really busy times, learning to see the beauty of the new path that is starting for the entire family and not just worrying about what you are losing.

One of the best suggestions I heard for finding balance in life was from a yoga teacher, who said, "the only way to maintain balance is to fall off balance sometimes."  I thought it was such a profound statement.

Sometimes we have to lose our balance in order to find it again. We have to learn to not be afraid of falling off balance. We have to learn to be playful about it and trust that it is all part of finding our new path.

Not many people actually like to be off balance or fall down. But when we learn how to laugh at mishaps that happen during change, we are the healthier for it.

During this month of so many beginning and ending lets embrace the change that is happening to us all.

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae

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