Getting out of the vicious cycle


This month’s theme is that gaining your health is gaining your independence and freedom. 

Today I want to talk about losing weight and diabetes because they are closely linked. (Many - but not all - people that are diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes are also overweight).
Almost every person that comes into my practice has a goal to lose weight.  Sometimes it is that last 10 pounds that just won’t come off and sometimes it is much more.

Many people liken trying to lose weight to feeling like a hamster running on a wheel in a cage – never getting anywhere.  This is not independence or freedom - it is the exact opposite!  It is literally being weighed down.

The conversation usually goes something like this….

I have started working out and I am doing it faithfully and the needle on the scale just won't budge.

Or it might sound something like this….

I am doing all the things that I usually do to lose weight but nothing is happening.  I am getting frustrated and so I finally just gave up.

Does this sound familiar to you or have you heard it from a loved one during one of your conversations?

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  If you are trying to lose weight or manage your blood sugars and it is not working it is because chronic inflammation is getting in your way.  You can refer back to last weeks post to learn more about chronic inflammation.

You have to address the internal issues and get the cells to be healthy and then the weight literally melts away.

Chronic low-grade inflammation in the body’s tissues is a cause of insulin resistance, weight gain, pre-diabetes and diabetes.  Inflammation activates a chemical response that suppresses an insulin signaling pathway.  In other words, the body becomes less responsive to insulin i.e. insulin resistant.

Being overweight can also cause inflammation.  As you gain weight your fat cells expand and this expansion can cause the cells to not get enough oxygen.  Lack of oxygen causes cells to die.  The immune system’s job is to clean up dead cells and cell debris. Over time this can cause chronic low-grade inflammation.

So this is the vicious cycle: inflammation causing insulin resistance and insulin resistance causing inflammation. What you experience is weight gain and the frustration of not being able to lose it.

So what can you do to change that?

You have to change your mind-set and stop focusing on trying to lose weight. Instead, you need to focus on trying live a healthy and fun life!  When you start focusing on living a healthy life and you incorporate healthy behaviors then you feel healthier and more energetic, you will reduce inflammation and you will lose weight.

If you are ready take a class that will change your life, sign up for my class this fall.

Here is a testimonial from the class:

I took Dr. Dae’s class over a year ago.  I was very much impressed with her knowledge, her presentation and the practical advice she gave regarding diet, particularly in regard to reducing the intake of meat and the increasing vegetables as the main part of the daily diet.  I invested in her book and her online course, and I must say it was a worthwhile investment.

Taking the course had an immediate impact on my physical well-being.  Indeed, the primary impetus for my taking her class was the gastro-intestinal problem I was experiencing.  My intuition told me that my diet could have something to do with the problem, so when Dr. Dae’s class was announced at Church, I was determined to attend to see if there were any dietary changes I could make that would bring me some relief.

 During Dr. Dae’s presentation, she talked about how a daily glass of lemon water might help to relieve gastric issues.  It seemed likes simple and practical solution that might help my situation.  On the way home, after her class I stopped at the supermarket and purchased some lemons.  The next morning I drank a large tumbler of water into which added the juice of half a lemon.  The impact was immediate; the gastric discomfort subsided.  From that time to today, a glass of lemon water is a part of my daily morning routine.

As I mentioned above I have incorporated other suggestions from Dr. Dae’s course, and I do see the physical results which include lowered cholesterol, weight loss, and more energy, and, of course, virtual elimination of the gastric discomfort I had been experiencing.

Dr. Dae knows her subject matter, and I recommend her course highly to anyone who is interested in changing to a plant-based diet.

Floyd A. Lewis, Jr.

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae