Do you believe that bad habits can be inspirational?

We all have bad habits! Actually, we all have a combination of good habits and bad habits.

Habits are a settled tendency or usual manner of behavior; an acquired mode of behavior that has become nearly or completely involuntary.

One thing that I know has inspired me into good health was watching my parents exhibit bad habits as a child, like smoking. My dad was a 30+ year smoker and he has battled with health issues as he has got older.  Even my stepmother was a smoker.

I didn’t want to have health issues like my father. So the inspiration or feeling that developed within me, to work towards optimal health, was to change the habits that I saw in my dad, so that I would be different than my family.  

Of all of my siblings, and my parents, I was the only person that never tried smoking even once – I have never inhaled.

This was my beginning of being inspired by health.  

From there, I started to look at other habits that we had in our family.  The same person that smoked cigarettes, my dad, was also the same person that taught me how to cook and eat fresh vegetables.  My paternal grandparents grew up as farmers, so we always had fresh fruits and vegetables to eat from the garden. He taught me the habit of enjoying fresh vegetables as part of my daily meals.

So even though I moved away from my healthy habits in my teenage years, when I moved into my twenties it was easy for me to move back to fresh vegetables once I realized that my habits had changed to eating fast food.

A habit is just something that we do consistently. It is part of your lifestyle.  Good and bad habits are created in the activities that you do everyday. Our practice members have so much success because we educate them about the right habits at the right times to improve their specific health conditions.  When you know the right habits, you can improve your energy, your stamina, your focus and your playfulness. These results allow you to walk up stairs without getting out of breathe or have dinner with your friends at the end of a long day because you still have energy.  This is the gift of health! Our patients have success because we take a simple step by step approach with each of them, focused on changing your habits and empowering you about your health at the same time!

Here is another note on bad habits. If you have bad health habits, and your kids or grandkids see you doing them, it gives them a subconscious belief that those bad habits are not really detrimental. I was the only one of my four siblings that didn’t smoke.  My other siblings saw my dad smoking and somehow they decided to try this bad habit for themselves.

Sometimes your health is not just about you.  Sometimes you health and habits are about the people that depend on and look up to you.

If you want to learn more about how to change your habits – be it food, exercise, sleep or stress, take an important first step and call our office today.

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae