It's time to start believing in optimal health.

For my last blog on the theme of inspiration creates the sweet life, I want to talk about how our mind impacts our body. As I’ve mentioned before, inspiration comes within. That being said, how we think about our health makes all the difference in our success or failure.  

I love to have fun in my life.  I love doing things with my friends and family. It has been a fun journey for the last 48 years.  I have been inspired to create healthy habits that make life fun and healthy at the same time.

When people see me or read my posts, I‘m not sure they realize I actually ‘walk the talk’.  I am continually trying new lifestyle habits to improve the quality of and fun in my life.

This is where inspiration has been an important part of my life.  

About 25 years ago, when I was dealing with low energy, and digestive and blood sugar issues, there was nowhere near as many healthy food options as there are today.  So, I started cooking and experimenting on my own. I was determined to find yummy, healthy options… and I did! They became 2 of my books.

When I was super stressed out in my practice, I became inspired to started breathing to relax myself.  This became the basis of my stress management practice, lectures and teaching.

You see, I have used inspiration to create answers and a systemic wellness curriculum in my practice.  It is the basis of the success for all my practice members. I have been able to take my inspiration and individualize it to you and each of my practice members.  

If you are ready to be inspired, and take control of your health, then it starts with your mindset.  It starts with your willingness to stop living with your pain, stress and disease. It is time to start believing in optimal health and wanting a simple, systemic approach to help you get there.

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae