Pain is a driving force to get better

Have you ever noticed that the best advice always seems to apply to everyone, in some capacity, no matter what?!  I got a chance to take a dose of my own medicine in the last three weeks.

This time, instead of being the doctor I was the patient... a dental patient.  I started having dental issues and I had to go see an expert for his expert advice.  As it turned out, I had to have several things done because I had put off my follow up appointment so many times.  I waited until I was in pain before I made an appointment. I paid for it physically and financially!

This month’s theme of going back to your roots, is literal for me because I had two teeth taken out due to my negligence and putting off my appointment.  The truth of the matter is that my dentist had warned me that they were probably going to have to come out at some point in my life because of the way they had grown in.  BUT I would have not had to cancel appointments with my patients or a presentation to have an emergency appointment.

To be honest, it just reinforced the message that I share with you in my writing and presentations.  If you are not proactive with your health, you will suffer the consequences physically, emotionally and financially.  Being pro active about your health, always making it a priority, puts you in charge of your life. Not being proactive causes you to be at the will of your pain and discomfort.

I have learned my lesson and will not skip my dental appointments in the future.  I do not want to have that kind of pain when I can avoid it. Full disclosure, I have been meaning to get my mammograms and blood work on a regular basis.

This issue with my teeth prompted me to ask my wellness assistant to make calls to all of our past patients to check in on you! So know that when CheBreia calls you, think about this post and schedule a check-up to see how you are doing with your health plan.  If you have been saying you need to come in, just say yes and come receive the advice you need to get back on track with your health.

We have some awesome new programs that we have instituted in the last year that have really helped people take it to the next level with their health.  You can do it too, and get a spot on our wall of fame board. There is a spot waiting for you!

So yes, I’m admitting that I had to take my own advice and get help from my medical expert to get back on track.  Now, I am more committed to mentoring and coaching you back to optimal health. Three weeks of pain was three weeks too many for me.  If you are dealing with pain, discomfort, high blood pressure, or blood result numbers that are higher than you want, then it’s time to be pro active and come in to get help.  We're here for you.

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae