Giving thanks all week not just for a big dinner!

I always ponder what to share the week of Thanksgiving, mostly because it is such a food-based holiday that my natural inclination is to post a delicious recipe that will enhance your holiday and keep your health on track.

In the last several years, Thanksgiving has really become a celebration of gratitude more than just a food holiday.  My immediate family doesn’t really have specific rituals for Thanksgiving so, after my Grammy passed away, I had to make up my own.

Some people might find this to be lonely or sad, to not have anyone to spend a big holiday with.  If I’m honest, it was at first. However, I actually had the opportunity to make it a wonderful experience, spending the day focused on all the things I have been grateful for during the year.  It also gave me the opportunity to start thinking about how to prepare myself and my goals for the year ahead.

Since I love to cook, I always have some of my favorite holiday dishes around the house to eat.  I can spend the day really thinking about how many ways I have been blessed in this year. It really fills my heart with joy.  

It also sets the stage for me to begin thinking about my goals (health, financial, and personal) for the next year.

During the holiday season, I find myself so busy that I just don’t have time to really think about my goals.  By the time Christmas is over, I'm so exhausted that the end of the year in spent recovering from all the holiday fun.

I encourage you to take time to really embrace all of the blessings in your life, especially the small ones, that have happened to you this year.  I suggest writing in a journal to help jog your memory.

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To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae