Creating a healthy emotional experience for the holidays

The time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day can be a very emotional time.  Many people put undo pressure on themselves to make every holiday experience perfect for themselves or for their loved ones. This extra pressure can trigger anxiety.

Anxiety is a normal emotion however, when it interferes with daily activities then it needs to be addressed by working with a practitioner.  Anxiety can be detrimental to our bodies as well as our minds. Anxiety sucks away key nutrients that our body needs to regulate blood pressure and muscle relaxation. Anxiety can make high blood pressure, heart disease, muscle cramps or other physical pains worse. It zaps our bodies ability to produce energy too.  

Perhaps you are already aware of these symptoms because you are experiencing them and they are making this time of year tough for you. Maybe you are wishing that all the parties, brunches, social activities, travel and family obligations were over just so you could get back to some type of normalcy or get some rest.  Is that really the experience you want have during the holiday season?

The answer is NO! We were not built just to want things to be over. We were built to have joy and creativity.  If this is how you handle the holiday season, living in a place of dread and exhaustion, then this is likely how you’re living the rest of the year too.  Living with that type of anxiety is making your health problems worse.

If you ready for a better quality of life in 2019, you have to change your experience. Remember this month theme is experiences create a sweet life!  Having a sweet life means taking simple action steps to change your experiences. One simple action is to call our office and learn more about the steps you need to take to eliminate anxiety from your life.   We are here to help you!

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae