How to make good decisions for the holidays.

Everyone wants to enjoy the abundant food and drinks that are available during the holiday season.  Each culture or religion has their own special dish or ingredients that are prepared as part of their specific celebrations or rituals.  Most of us look forward to at least one festive event or meal during the holidays. So, the trick is... how do we enjoy parties, fun, friends and social activities, all while maintaining our weight or health goals during the holiday season?

A reminder that this month's theme is experiences create the sweet life

Let’s be really honest for a second.  Many of you reading this message will have negative thoughts about the amount of food, or the types of food, you are eating during the holidays.  You will say mean things to yourself in the midst of indulging. Then, after the holiday is over and new year is approaching, you will drag yourself onto the scale or try to fit into your pants, and become a little depressed about the outcome. You know it's coming, so you just push it to the back of your mind and hope that it doesn’t turn out that way.  

If your experiences are creating negative self talk, you must change your experience.  It starts with getting real with yourself about what you are doing and how you might be hiding your bad health habits or choices. Instead of being an ostrich and putting your head in the sand, decide to take a proactive approach to your health and plan for the new year.  Decide that you will do something different in 2019, so that bad habits from 2018 do not follow you into the upcoming year.

Take an action step and call our office at 202-291-2230 to save yourself a seat for the group detox program that we do every January.  In the past, I've had practice members come into the office in January asking to redo the detox that has been a part of their program.  So this year I thought.. let’s all just do it together!

We can start on January 7th.   All you have to do is say YES, call our office and let us know you want us to order you a detox kit and CheBreia will send you the daily emails.  

If you are not currently doing a program with us, but want to do the detoxification program (side effects include reduced weight, increased energy and starting 2019 on the right track), call the office to schedule a discovery appointment so you can learn what it takes to elevate your health to the next level.

CheBreia will be setting up in-body health assessments starting the week of January 7th.  Reserve your spot before they are filled!  We can only work with 15 detox programs at a time, so spaces are limited.

Our detox program focuses on healthy living, so it's not just a fast for a few weeks, or a month.  We focus on getting restful sleep, eating for energy, and setting the foundation for healthy living for the rest of the year.  Dr. Dae has wonderful videos and education resources that encourage you to stay on track while you are in the program. We will even have a community gathering to give you tips and help you understand that you are not alone in this process of creating healthy habits.

If you are ready to take your health to the next level, find out how by calling the office at 202-291-2230. Set up a discovery call to find out how you can join in.  I look forward to supporting you on your journey towards optimal health!

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae