Gratitude is a Healing Process


Have you ever open-heartedly received a gift from another person?  It is one of the best feelings ever!  Receiving allows you to feel noticed, appreciated or loved, it creates gratitude in your heart. Gratitude is a healing process.

Being in a state of gratitude helps reduce stress and can improve the quality of your health and your life. Interestingly, I found two studies -- one that was done on college-aged adults and the second on older people that both show that gratitude reduces stress. The study on college-aged adults was published in the Journal of Research in Personality in August of 2008. It found that “gratitude led to higher levels of perceived social support, and lower levels of stress and depression." The research study related to older women published March 2006 in the Journal of Research on Aging found that older women that had gratitude towards God created a buffer to stress in their lives.

Being open to receive the sweet life, which is this month’s theme, invites you to receive gratitude for everything in your life.

I have created a gratitude program to help you have this experience. Click here to join.  
One client who joined says: "I want to thank you for the Day of Gratitude ( 30 days of gratitude to improve your health and attitude) messages I’ve been receiving.  They are very much appreciated. Thanks so much. -Ann"

You will love it too.

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae