Pushing Your Body to Exhaustion is Not Discipline


When you think about exercise, do you think about discipline?  It is very common to think that exercise is the key to all your health problems.  There are so many people that, when they gain weight, think the solution is to go to the gym and just sweat it off.  Exercise is important, but it is not the most important or the first thing that needs to change when you are dealing with weight loss.  

Have you heard stories of people that have been going to the gym working with a person trainer and not seeing any results after months?  This is because exercise without the discipline of food and understanding the right picture of internal organs through labs work doesn’t work.

Discipline is not always about pushing your body to physical exhaustion.  It is not always just about how much pain can you tolerate. It is about having the right mind set for health.

Discipline creates a sweet life.  There is a practice member who worked in a job that required her to physically fit.  Since she was use to working hard she would eat whatever she wanted. When she got out of shape her first plan was to work out more but as she moved past 40 years old that plan stopped working.  She was not feeling well and she got a health scare involving her heart. She marched into the office and said "I have to make some changes now!" We talked about how to improve her diet, her stress level and support her body with the right nutrition.  Her results are awesome! She has lost 12 pounds, toned up, and her energy has skyrocketed.

She knew that she needed help and her part of her discipline connect with us so we could mentor and coach her to success.

Are you ready to get support to create discipline and get your health back?  We are ready to help you. Take your first action step by calling to register for our next Stress Hormones and Health talk. It’s free and it will change your life and your view of health forever!

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae