Freedom from suffering


I have been meditating for about 18 years.  It is a daily practice that has transformed my body and my life.  Over the years I have had the opportunity to practice many different types of meditation.  As I was learning a Buddhist practice, I became acquainted with the phrase “freedom from suffering.”

The concept is that our minds and our thoughts are what create our suffering.  It is not that difficult situations in life don’t arise, because they absolutely do. Instead, it means that our suffering is caused by the way we think or react to the situations that we are presented with.

When it comes to health, there are many people that live in a state of suffering.  There are so many times people continue to suffer because they are afraid to make healthy changes.  I have had patients walk into my office and say I refuse to change these habits in order to get better.  They are creating their own suffering by not being open to trying something new that will help them become free from suffering and create optimal health and wellness.

Here is a perfect example: I refuse to stop eating ________  in order to get healthy.  Or I refuse to start eating ______ to get healthy.  In both cases, they are prolonging their symptoms and pain.

When they become willing to try our suggestions, they miraculously begin to feel better.

If you want freedom from suffering, you have to change the way you think and allow yourself the freedom to create the sweet life.

It is amazing how fast you can relieve your suffering when you get the right education about how to get better.  It is what we specialize in... teaching you the right way to get healthy and stay that way.


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To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae