Solving the Mysteries of your Health

I want you to take a moment to be honest with yourself.

Have you noticed that your health is getting worse?  Perhaps you have gained a couple of extra pounds that you can’t get rid of (every year)? Or maybe your cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels or blood pressure has gone from normal to borderline?  Maybe you are taking medications for one of these diseases just to keep it at bay?

Maybe you are starting to experience new symptoms: pain that comes and goes, clothes that don’t fit anymore, thinning hair, hot flashes, fatigue, sleepless nights or anxiety.

I know that you want to feel better and I know that you are searching for answers.  Well, I have the answer for you... LAB WORK!

This month we are looking at the purpose of your one sweet life. It is perfect time to discuss the purpose of lab work and how, in our practice, we are able to interpret labs in a way that actually helps you get better and stay that way.

In the conventional medical model, labs are used to identify disease and they do not tell you there is a problem until you have reached disease levels.  In our office, we look at the same labs but we look at them from the perspective of optimal health. When your labs get out of optimal ranges, we start treating your body and symptoms BEFORE you get to disease levels.  This is the best way to use labs to keep you healthy! It is called 'looking at the functional labs' and is the key to catching diseases before they require medications.

Our approach is different, we focus on wellness and prevention.

Our easy-to-do laboratory tests allow us to proactively focus on optimizing wellness. We understand that early detection of hidden health stressors reaches far beyond the alleviation of symptoms.  It creates sustainable health.

Symptoms can be misleading, and treatment plans based on symptoms alone can be unsuccessful in restoring health and function. So if you, like many others, have been trying to get rid of your symptoms without success, it is because you are missing key information.

We can help you find the answers that you're seeking to solve the mysteries of your health!  This is what we specialize in.... restoring your energy and health!

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae