If you don’t have your health, you can’t live your purpose

Several years ago, I attended a lecture where the speaker spoke about the importance of knowing your name.  In his culture, people are given names based on personality. Their name can also change as they grow or have bigger achievements.  This is an interesting concept, to have your name change as you grow. What do people call you? What do you call yourself?

My name is Daemon.  It’s meaning, according to ancient Greek, is a divinity or supernatural being of a nature between gods and humans.  I have to admit, I feel that is a big definition to live up to. The more I sat with the definition of my name, the more it seems that my parents knew that someday I would be a naturopathic doctor.  I didn’t know that would be where I'd end up when I graduated from Northwestern (NU), I started working as a consultant in corporate America. I wanted to make tons of money. However, as you can see, I ended up in a very different place than I started.  I found my purpose a few years after I worked in corporate America. The exhaustion and depletion of my health from stress and 100 hours per week led me to rethink my current situation and pursue different path.

Inherent in my name is the nature of who I have become. My purpose is to teach people about the healing power of nature that is within them and that they just need to bring out.  I am the conduit that helps people get healthy so they can live out their purpose.

I wanted to devote this month to the theme, what is the purpose of your one sweet life?

Have you ever stopped to think about how your health (or lack of health) is preventing you from living your purpose?

Are you so tired by the end of the day that all you can do is sit on the couch, instead of working on your non-profit or business plan?  Is your weight or skin problems causing you to avoid social situations, so you are not available to mentor others in their dreams? Do you spend all your time running back and forth to doctors instead of traveling or living out your dreams?

Have you ever thought about how your lack of health is preventing you from living your best life? My practice members have come to work with us because they are sick and tired of being sick and tired!  Their lives have been completely transformed because their improved health has changed their life. If you are ready to became a greater success in your own life then you need to call the office and find out how you can change your life now.  Your life will not change until you are ready to change.

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae