Do you have a healthy connection to food?

FOOD is an essential part of our lives.  It is fuel for us to live our lives. However, we use food for so many things, including celebrations, funerals, parties and comfort.  When we forget the primary purpose of food, we can allow it can become a crutch for our feelings and comfort and it starts to move us in the wrong direction of health.

How do you talk about food?

Do you call ice cream your secret boyfriend and cuddle with it on the couch before bed?

Is food your only friend that is always there for you?

Do you cook fatty, fried foods as a gesture of love for family?

If these are the connections that you have to food then you likely need a reset to develop healthy habits with food.

My dad’s side of the family comes from a farming community.  We definitely associated love and food together, in so many ways.  This is how I became a foodie!! A super foodie! There were so many food habits that I learned growing up.

This might be a shock to you BUT I grew up eating country ham, grits, and fresh tomatoes out of the garden! A wonderful food habit I learned from my family is to eat fresh vegetables every day.  

At the same time there were bad food habits too.  One of our family habits was to eat until we were so full that we had to unbutton our pants at the end of our meal.  This is part of what lead to obesity in our family.

You can see that I had to learn how to embrace the good habits and stop practicing the bad habits that made my family sick, overweight and diabetic.

What we do in our practice is teach our practice members how to identify the good health habits and bad habits you have learned about food, exercise, sleep and stress.  It is a transformative process that makes healthy living fun. It gives you your one sweet life.

If you are ready to change your personal food culture and learn healthy habits, come to one of our free dinner presentations or orientation sessions to learn more.

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae