Understanding your health from the inside out

I have to admit… I do not like needles.  Getting my blood drawn has never been my favorite part of going to the doctor.  Oddly enough, I used to really love drawing blood on others – but that is another story.

Here is the thing.. Even though I don’t like getting my blood drawn, I do because it provides so much information about my health at the cellular level.  

I love getting that information from the labs, to help me make sure I that I am healthy from the inside out. I love getting your lab work done for the same reason! It allows me to share with you how to get healthy from the inside out. Understanding lab work creates a culture of education and prevention in our practice.  It sets our practice apart from other healthcare offices.

One of the most important parts of coaching with my patients is to educate them on how their lab work can give information about reversing disease processes, and preventing disease for them as well.  

We don’t just talk about getting lab work but we also focus on getting the right lab work to make sure we can find the cause of the problem or symptoms your experiencing and correct them.  It is amazing to see when we go over labs and all of a sudden a light bulb goes on and you know and understand why your symptoms are happening in your body. For example, you now understand that you have been fatigued because you are deficient in certain nutrients.  Or perhaps your gas and bloating is unexplained until we take out a food that you never knew you were allergic to.

We use lab work as a way to create a culture of better understanding your health.  Our practice’s culture is focused on using all the tools necessary to help you create your one sweet life, which is this month’s theme.

Let’s work together to get you the energy and vitality back that you deserve!  Call our office to find out how we can help you.

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae