What a cold can teach you about self-care.

The number one reason why people don’t take care of themselves is because they have to sacrifice themselves or their time for others.  Here is the crazy paradox… when you don’t take care of yourself, you don’t have the ability to care for others.

When we take time to care for ourselves and our own health, we have the energy and ability to care for others like our spouses, children, friends or aging. We also then have the energy to care for our hopes and dreams.

Think about when you have something like a bad cold or flu, how do you feel? If you are like most, you have malaise, no energy, a foggy brain, perhaps headaches and body aches.  Are you really in any shape to pick-up the kids or be the coach at soccer practice? Should you even go to your 80-year old grandmother’s house and cough all over her?

If something like a cold impacts your day, imagine what it would be like with something more serious like a heart condition, where you have to go to the doctor all the time instead of your child’s school events? 

Maybe you don’t have a serious health condition like a heart disease, but if you are overweight, obese or don’t have enough energy to get through your work day, you are missing out on doing basic activities like hanging out with friends or working towards your dreams. All you have energy to do is fall on the couch and eat potato chips after you get home from work. Sound familiar?

Taking care of yourself allows you to take care of and enjoy the people that you love. It is time to take action to improve your health so you can have the energy to help others.  If you are ready to take your health to a better level, come to our next free Stress Hormones and Health seminar to gain the information you need to empower yourself and begin working towards optimal health.

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae