Are your health complaints keeping you from taking action?

This is the time of year when new life, growth and ideas spring into our existence. It’s the spring equinox!

As the temperature gets warmer, people begin to think about becoming more physically active.  It is the perfect time to incorporate more health habits into your daily activities.

Creating the right mindset is important for achieving your health goals.  You can’t let disharmony in your mind create more disharmony in your body.

How would your life change if you were able to focus your energy on the goals that you wanted to achieve, instead of spending energy lamenting about what you haven’t been able to accomplish?  We can get disappointed when we don’t have success with something that is important to us. We start to have negative thoughts about not achieving our goals. We can even start making excuses for or complaining about our health goals.

Studies have shown that complaining about one’s health actually tends to make a person’s health worse. According to Will Bowen, creator of ‘A Complaint Free World’, one of the most common reasons why people complain is to avoid taking action.  For the next couple of days, whenever you talk about your health goals - eating better, exercising or cooking whole foods - see if you are using complaints to avoid taking action on them. This is the way we sabotage ourselves, with our complaints.  

It can be really challenging to change our mindset all by ourselves.  This is where having a coach or mentor to help you overcome the negative thoughts is invaluable. This is where we support our practice members to achieve success beyond their greatest dreams!  Success happens by taking action with small, simple steps that become part of your new, routine healthy habits.

Be bold! Stop the excuses! Come learn how to improve the quality of your life and health. It will be time well spent.

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae

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