Did you know that your body completely renews itself every 7 years?

Our bodies are dynamic entities that are always changing, adapting, and renewing themselves. This is why we can get a cut or bruise and then a short time later it has healed.  The same thing happens on the inside of our bodies. This is why we can have our blood drawn and it can read differently a few days or a few weeks apart. Our cells want to create fresh, sweet life!

Our body is designed to try to create health, no matter the situation.  It is designed for survival. So, you might ask, if that is the case… why is it that we get diseases? When we do not pour in the right lifestyle habits, over time it can fall off track. The results are chronic diseases like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, weight gain, fatigue, diabetes, inflammation and more.

Have you ever heard of someone say they had high cholesterol, but then by taking the right steps and guidance, they have reversed it without medication? Or maybe they are on medication for diabetes but with the right mentoring and guidance they come off and stay off the medications.

This is because, even with chronic or scary health issues, our cells want to be healthy and disease can be reversed!  Our cells need us to set the right direction for our health. When we do, they grow into healthy and happy cells that are disease free! Don’t get me wrong, there are some extremely complicated cases where the body has been so damaged that the cells are beyond repair.  However, for a majority of chronic issues like the one listed above, there is HOPE! It just requires knowing the right, simple steps to create those happy healthy cells.

It is inspiring to hear our practice members talk about how they have reduced pain, come off medications, lost weight and gained self-confidence and esteem as their health has continually improved.  It happens because we educate and empower our practice members about their health and it changes their outcomes.

Perhaps you have tried to change your habits and you are not seeing these same results. This is usually the case because, many times, you are focused on reducing the symptoms of the problem instead of focus on treating the underlying cause of the problem.  In our practice, we focus on uncovering the underlying cause of the problem instead treating the symptoms. This is the missing piece that changes it to health that is attainable and maintainable.

Bottom line: Simple and systemic steps, creating a healthy lifestyle, can reverse disease.

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae

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