What is detox anyway?

Spring is a time when many people begin talking about ‘detoxing’.  Perhaps your church asked you to be part of a community going through Lenten processes or preparing for Easter.  Maybe you are getting excited (or panicked) about how fast summer is approaching and you need to get your body together so you can fit into your summer clothes.  Maybe you have heard that colonics are a way to detox and lose weight. Maybe the longer days are making you yearn for more energy to do things after you’ve finished work.

I have come to think of detox as a code word for wanting to feel better. I really think when people say they want to detox what they are really saying is they are sick of feeling tired, sluggish, in pain, or mentally foggy or a combination of all of those at the same time.  

Our body actually has natural detoxification processes in operation every single day.  In our toxic world, there are pollutants in our environment and in our food.  There are emotional and mental toxins in our news, reality shows and sometimes the way we talk to one another that cause stress, stress, stress.  In our world we do need to take specific steps to detox ourselves to create balance in our lives again. When we do, our entire life can change.

Here is the real secret to detoxification – it is the removal of things that prevent your body or mind from healing and restoring itself.  When you have a plan that works at restoring your energy, it can change your entire outlook. I wanted to share the story of one of my younger practice members.  What I love about her story is that you can likely see you own story within hers. It doesn’t matter if you’re in your 20’s or your 50’s. Take a few minutes and check it out.  It will inspire you.

This is what a detoxification plan should do for you!

This is Nonnie’s story:

“Dr. Dae’s program changed my life. My first month of summer after freshman year at school proved challenging because the shift from an extremely hectic schedule to no schedule at all was alarming. During my first month back at home, I felt lethargic and depressed. Finally, my mom literally dragged me out to a Detoxification seminar being hosted by Dr. Daemon Jones. Initially, I was worried about starting Dr. Dae’s program. I have never been one who subscribed to the idea of weight loss programs. Plus, I was worried about investing my parents’ money; what if I couldn’t make the program work for me? However, after one discussion with Dr. Dae, my attitude changed drastically. She made my issues with my body and my mind seem completely conquerable. The 28-day program Dr. Dae prescribed for me significantly changed the way I dealt with the stress in my life. For one month, forced to forego coffee and other unhealthy foods, and allowing my body to heal properly through proper diet, sleep, meditation and exercise, I immediately started to feel the weight of my own insecurity lifting from my shoulders. It felt amazing to have this support system behind me composed of not only my parents, but also Dr. Dae’s incredible team. Their check-ins kept me on track with my fitness goals and the meditations and eating plans gave a structure to my day that I did not realize that I needed.

After the program, I feel that I am still making progress. I still practice mindfulness and remain cognizant of the fuel I give my body. Additionally, I have finally figured out which foods, (namely dairy, eggs, and gluten), that I personally need to avoid at all costs.   

This year, I am living in an apartment rather than in a dorm, and it has made a tremendous difference. My roommates and I now have the luxury of grocery shopping for the proper foods, and I can cook meals in our own kitchen rather than rely on dorm fare. I am now able to make meals that are nutritious, delicious (and inspired by Dr. Dae’s healthy recipes and eating tips).

I now have clearer skin, a better sleeping schedule, and increased self-confidence. It is so nice to be in a place where having my picture taken no longer terrifies me. I could not have made this much progress in such a short amount of time without Dr. Dae Jones.”

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae

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